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Where do we get inspiration for our designs?

boss mom I do what I want I'm the mommy Mommy

People sometimes ask where we get the inspiration for our designs. Sometimes it's something we see, sometimes it is something we hear, sometimes it's a specific client request. Today's design was one I heard.

I was listening to a podcast called All Up In Your Lady Business by two very lovely ladies, Jaclyn Mellone and Jessica Stansberry and they happened to be interviewing one of my favorite lady bosses Kathleen Shannon from the Being Boss Podcast and Braid Creative.

During the podcast, which was fabulous BTW and you should go check it out, Kathleen uttered the words, "I'm the Mommy. I do what I want!" and I started laughing because as a mom I've thought that myself numerous times. Later that day someone said to me, "I do what I want" and it reminded me of that podcast and I knew I had to make a shirt out of it. Because seriously what's the point of being a mom if sometimes you don't get to just say, "I'm the Mommy, I do what I want!" Rock on boss moms. Rock on.

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